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Ozone Laundry Systems

OPL Ltd has been a specialist supplier of Ozone Laundry Systems, auto dosing systems and chemical products since 1970.   The company is committed to protecting the environment and where possible incorporate eco friendly features into their product range.   Please select categories from the left hand menu to read more about OPL Ltd.

Our HistoryOzone Laundry Systems

We have been involved in the laundry industry since 1970 as operators of one of the UK’s premier high street launderette groups. The considerable knowledge gained from our years in the industry and the ability to identify problems and customer needs made it a natural progression for us to launch OPL Limited (On Premises Laundries) in 1980 supplying to others.

Clearly we identified an important niche in the market, as we have now been thriving for over 40 years as specialists in this field and we are extremely proud of the service that we offer and the reputation that we have built. We have become premier dealers, installers and maintainers of many major brands on a national and international basis.

We also have dedicated auto dosing and chemical product and Ozone Laundry System divisions. This makes our company the only UK company to offer the complete one stop shop laundry solution.

Ozone Laundry SystemsOur Commitment

We at OPL Limited are conscious of the need to protect the ecosystem whilst achieving sound economies. To this end we have incorporated into our product range appliances that meets the standards and criteria of ISO14001 (Environment Management System) and ISO9001 (Quality Management System). This concern is reflected in both the manufacturing process and the way in which the products are used.

Nearly all parts of our products can be recycled. Other ‘green’ benefits would include special features such as ‘AWS’ Automatic Weighing System which determines the quantity of water utilized according to the wash load weight. This has the resultant affect of not only saving on water consumption but also lower water and energy costs.

Our Ozone Laundry Systems will dramatically cut water, energy and chemical consumption greatly reducing your carbon footprint and boosting your green credentials.

We stock all major brands and can deliver anywhere in the UK Gas Safe Logo