Commercial Laundry Equipment

OPL Ltd supply a wide range of commercial laundry equipment for industrial and commercial sectors, including washers, dryers, ironers and spare parts for most manufacturers and model ranges.

At OPL Ltd you can buy, lease or rent commercial laundry equipment by visiting our commercial laundry equipment section and finding the right equipment for you. It’s that simple – we are a complete laundry solution for your business.

commercial laundry equipmentThe sectors we provide commercial laundry equipment to are as follows:

With a proud heritage as the UK’s leader in commercial laundry equipment services, along with a worldwide reputation for innovation, we strive to be your complete laundry solution for commercial laundry equipment and services.

Our experienced industry insights, customer service and unrivalled research and development capabilities enable us to offer the most diverse range of commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

OPL Ltd’s  in-house technical expertise ensures your commercial laundry equipment is always professionally installed and maintained. Call us on 0845 077 65 65 to find out more about the professional commercial laundry services we can offer you.

High Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

For many companies, laundry is a necessary but often overlooked requirement. After all, staff uniforms and all other garments need to be washed to be at their very best. This means many businesses and organisations, from hotels to education centres, need the right commercial laundry equipment to meet their needs.

We understand the power of laundry equipment, which is why we offer a vast range of machines and appliances to suit all manner of companies. OPL has been providing companies with bespoke, quality laundry equipment since 1970 and we’ve been expanding ever since.

The Right Product For You

Different companies have different needs, so the right appliance is essential. For example, traditional washing machines are great for handling large loads, while the likes of barrier washers can provide safe infection control services. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help you find the right tools for the job, choosing from our range of:

  • Washing machines, including Ozone laundry systems
  • Tumble dryers and lagoon wetcleaners
  • Barrier washers
  • Ironers
  • Hydro extractors
  • Cloth finishers

Similarly, you also need to consider the size and dimensions of your work space. We have plenty of experience helping companies large and small. If you have space limitations, we can advise you on stackable options, for instance, to help maximise the productivity and efficiency from every possible area.

The Power Of On-site Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you haven’t invested in commercial laundry equipment yet, you may be wondering why it’s so beneficial. The fact is, if you’re cleaning a large amount of laundry, or even just small loads on a frequent basis, commercial grade appliances are cheaper in the long run.

Our commercial laundry equipment represents a one-time investment, rather than relying on third party services to clean your fabrics and clothing articles. In time, this laundry equipment will essentially pay for itself through savings. Of course, it’s also much more practical to have this machinery on-site, as it allows you to better integrated it into your work processes.

The Right Quality

We offer both new and used commercial laundry equipment, helping you to meet all of your needs regardless of your budget. In everything we offer, we can provide after sales agreements as well. This is something many companies are unsure of, yet we have the ideal solution.

Not only do we provide high quality products every time, we can also agree on maintenance costs upfront, so you always know how much something might cost. If this is something you are concerned about, please get in touch.

Whether you’re a small firm or a large chain, the right laundry is vital. It keeps your supplies clean and your staff uniforms looking at their best. Investing in commercial grade laundry equipment is an effective way to maintain quality across your entire business. Furthermore, it will save costs from relying on other companies and old equipment. If you’re looking to improve your laundry and washing operations, OPL has the appliances for you.