Auto Dosing & Chemical Products

Auto Dosing & Chemical Products

We have a comprehensive range of chemical products for both the laundry and kitchen and auto dosing pumping systems to administer them. For assistance/guidance as to which product would suit your needs Please contact 0845 070 45 35 / email / complete enquiry form. Please select category from the below.

Auto dosing is an automated system of feeding the commercial laundry equipment / glasswashers / dishwashers with their high quality liquid products such as detergent, softeners, destainers etc. We have various specialist products including low temperature, infection control, emulsifiers etc. Automatic Chemical Dosing is the ideal way to ensure the correct calibrated dose of each product at the right time on each cycle.

This protects the operator from chemical contact and ensures that the required products are administered day and night without relying on manual dosing. It also prevents blocking the internal pipes and messy wasteful spillage. We can also supply simple formula controls pads that allow the operator to select preset programmes or options i.e. towels, heavily soiled, incontinence or cycles that require specific process. We supply, install, repair and routinely maintain the pump units free of charge* based on ordering the products from us.

Benefits of automatic dosing:

Accurate results ensured by the correct calibrated dose of each product at the right time on each cycle
No costly wastage by staff manually overdosing
No mess with spillage
No human errors of failing to add the products particularly when dealing with day and night shift staff
No risk of mishaps with staff having direct contact with potentially hazardous substances
Customisation of having programmes made to suit your requirements via the operator programme controller mounted to the front of the machine.
Usually proves more cost effective –v- manual dosing and powders which means financial savings on improved products

We offer a complete after sales service option. We implement rigorous pro-active maintenance programmes whereby pump heads and tubing where necessary are changed periodically to prevent pump failure which can compromise the flow of liquids and subsequently affect the results. This is done at our expense to maintain the high standards that we are proud of. Our installation team and technicians are a specialised dedicated division that purely install and maintain auto dosing units. Therefore they are superbly qualified and carry out their work to the highest standards.

Our company is unique and can offer turnkey operations including supplying the commercial laundry equipment on outright purchase, rental or leasing, installation and after sales service. This combines with our ozone laundry systems for infection control and substantial savings and our specialised auto dosing division for impressive cost effective results provides a one stop shop simplifying your operation. All works are carried out to industry standards and regulations i.e. Gas Safe, NICEIC etc. Please select categories from the left hand menu to read more.