Ozone Laundry Systems

Ozone Laundry SystemsProduct Features

Our dedicated Ozone Laundry Systems division will provide the greatest savings to any laundry. Ozone enables washing at low temperatures with superior results and total infection control. This allows delicate laundry to be treated kindly and also receive infection control treatment.

Particularly popular in sports clubs and our premiership football club customers as there is no thermal shock or numbers cracking with this gentle process and textiles last up to 50% longer without the harsh heat process. Ozone Laundry Systems will drastically cut energy, water, chemical and labour time whilst providing total infection control and boosting your green credentials.

Benefit to care homes & hospitals

Whilst it is an obvious benefit to healthcare institutions such as care homes, hospitals etc due to providing total infection control it is also a crucial addition to many other applications such as a towel laundry / gym / spa / hotel as the towels used by numerous people can be returned with athletes foot, spores from drying personal area&s, sweat, blood and all manner of infections, viruses, bacteria, moulds etc.

Ozone eliminates all of these items from cold water washing with softer fluffier results and longer lasting textiles whilst saving substantially on utlilies and chemicals which will boost your green credentials. All of these benefits typically for far less than the savings! The attached guide to ozone laundry gives a good overview of ozone in the laundry and the many benefits. Our ozone laundry systems:

  • Will provide total infection control i.e. spores (cdiff etc), infections, bacteria (ecoli, mrsa, salmonella etc), sweaty towels, skin conditions, athletes foot.
  • Will protect laundry items from thermal shock and number / detail cracking
  • Will enable low temperature washing
  • Will boost green credentials by lowering carbon footprint
  • Will substantially cut running costs
  • Will be shorter cycles aiding quicker processing
  • Will reduce water retention resulting in shorter drying
  • Will result in textiles lasting up to 50% longer through kinder processing
  • Will reduce chemical required
  • Will reduce water use
  • Will provide savings far greater than the monthly cost

Between our expertise in commercial laundry equipment, our specialist chemical auto dosing and product division and our Ozone Laundry Systems division we are truly the only company in the UK offering a one stop shop for all your laundry needs.

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